Here are three Reasons Why Website Speed Matters

According to statistics, a majority of internet uses do not have the patience to wait even for two seconds for a page to load! Why is it important for a website to have maximum load speed, you may ask? Well, unknown to many, even a fraction of a second can make all the difference on website speed. One, the speed has a huge effect on a lot of things including search rankings, user experience, and sales and conversions.

Here are some of the reasons why you should increase the speed of your website:

First Impressions Matter!

Just like in real life, first impressions are extremely important in the world of web. Most of your readers, customers, and website visitors will quickly make a judgement based on their first-speed encounter. If the website loads pretty fast, it will create an excellent first impression. In this case, it’s a quick-win for the user, and they will enjoy a great experience!  The fast loading speed will make your first-time users and visitors happy. This is a pure use of psychology. Often time, users relate fast websites to a high amount of professionalism. It is a common perception that speed equals trust, efficiency, and great confidence. The main belief is that if it’s fast, then it’s highly professional On the other hand, many users equate a slow website, with untrustworthy, and a majority will also view it as being unsafe. According to statistics, up to 79% of online shoppers who have experienced slow website loading say they don’t plan on going back there. This is a clear indication that it’s not easy to repair the damage once it has happened.

Speed is All that Users Want!

Today, the internet space has grown I reap and bound, and due to increased competition, many web developers have sought other means of increasing their online visibility. Speed is one of them and this has set the bar quite high when it comes to website loading speed. In fact, a lot of users now “demand” fast loading times, and here is a breakdown of what users want.

-47% of users want a loading speed of fewer than 2 seconds.

-40% will leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds.

– It’s even stricter with mobile users, and 85% of them expect a website to load faster on their mobile than it would on their desktop.

Well, when on the move, most people are not very patient, and all they want is answers, and real quick. For well-established sites like Google and Facebook, many users will accept a small delay, however, when it comes to smaller businesses, this is a luxury that is hard to come by. It is always important to get it right, from the very beginning.

Slow Websites Will Kill Your Conversions

From our second point, you can see that a lot of slow websites will keep users away. For example, assuming that your website attracts as many as100, 000 visitors each month. Then you stand to lose up to 40,000 potential customers if your site is slow by even 4 seconds.


It is evident that you stand to gain a lot by providing your users/visitors with a website that loads pretty fast. If you are not sure of the speed of your website, you can always use an online speed checker to see how well your site is performing. For those websites that run on WordPress, you can work with the managed WordPress hosting. This is because they offer websites that are optimized for speed.

At vernasolutions we keep usability of any application or website the topmost priority. We believe that together we can be mutually helpful to each other if you feel your website is running slow in turn leading to less traffic?  Get in touch with us so we can offer our complimentary consultation for the same here

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